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Why is Nourkrin® unique?

Nourkrin® has more than 25 years of proven brand history in the UK and other international markets and has consistently provided the original efficacy that consumers trust and rely upon.

Nourkrin® is the only product worldwide containing Marilex® (which has a unique and protected composition structure), and consumers should therefore beware of imitation products that claim to deliver similar effects with so-called ‘marine proteins’ or ‘marine extracts’ – as these are not the original, scientifically tested Marilex®.

What is Marilex®?

Marilex® sets Nourkrin® apart from other products claiming to contain similar ingredients as it is a proprietary ingredient based on exclusive intellectual property rights unique to Pharma Medico.

Marilex® (fractionated fish extract with specific lectican proteoglycans) is made with the highest quality raw materials using an exclusive, protected extraction technology and is accepted by health authorities on all continents of the globe including the FDA and European Food Safety Authority.

Each Nourkrin® tablet contains the precise amount of Marilex® (300 mg), which is the exact quantity that has been used in the clinical studies. The other ingredients further influence the Hair Growth Cycle, and Nourkrin® is therefore not just a simple multivitamin, but an effective, scientifically proven product.

Why is Nourkrin® a 6 month programme?

This is simply due to the prolonged nature of the Hair Growth Cycle itself. At any point in time, some hairs are in the Anagen (growth) phase, while others are in the Telogen (resting) phase.

What happens if I stop taking Nourkrin® after 6 months?

If your hair loss is due to acute, temporary factors, such as stress or hormone changes, your results after 6 months may remain over time – given that these lifestyle factors have improved or changed. If your hair loss is related to genetics or chronic in nature, the condition may return after the treatment has ended.s

Will taking more than the recommended dosage increase the speed or quality of my hair growth?

No, each Nourkrin® tablet contains the precise strength of active ingredients that have been used in the clinical studies.
It has been demonstrated in clinical studies that intake of more than the recommended daily dosage provides absolutely no added benefit.

How long does it take before I start to notice a difference in my hair?

Most Nourkrin® users start to see a difference after 2-3 months of proper use on the recommended daily intake.

Will Nourkrin® work if I have already gone bald?

Unfortunately, once the hair follicle is dead, it is no longer able to produce hair. Therefore, it is recommended to begin using Nourkrin® at the first signs of hair thinning or hair loss.

Will I experience growth of body hair using Nourkrin®?

Nourkrin®’s active ingredient Marilex® contains specific proteoglycans that are only involved in the hair follicle cycling of scalp hair, meaning, it does not affect the growth of body hair.

The human scalp has a ‘finite’ number of hair follicles that after puberty are known as ‘terminal’ hairs. Terminal hairs also exist on the face, for example, eyelashes and eyebrows, and on the body. The terminal hairs are usually darker and thicker than the fine transparent hairs that are found all over the body, which are known as ‘vellus’ hairs. When these terminal scalp hair follicles’ growth is disrupted for whatever reason, whether due to hormones, stress, genetics or another cause, they become dormant and cannot grow hair, however, the follicles are still intact. Nourkrin® with Marilex® stimulates the dormant scalp follicles back into the Anagen (growth) phase and normalises the Hair Growth Cycle to promote normal, healthy hair growth.

Is Nourkrin® Woman the same as the previous ‘Nourkrin® Extra Strength’ product?

Yes, Nourkrin® Woman is the same great product as the previous Nourkrin® Extra Strength. It was renamed to better reflect its users, who continue to enjoy the product and its benefits.